_GWebHistoryListIface Struct Reference

#include <gwebhistorylist.h>

Data Fields

GTypeInterface parent
void(* destroy )(GWebHistoryList *self)
void(* delete_item )(GWebHistoryList *self, GObject *item)
GObject *(* get_items )(GWebHistoryList *self)
gint(* get_items_count )(GWebHistoryList *self)
const gchar *(* get_item_title )(GWebHistoryList *self, gint pos)
const gchar *(* get_item_url )(GWebHistoryList *self, gint pos)
GTime(* get_item_time )(GWebHistoryList *self, gint pos)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 47 of file gwebhistorylist.h.

Field Documentation

GTypeInterface _GWebHistoryListIface::parent

Definition at line 48 of file gwebhistorylist.h.

void(* _GWebHistoryListIface::destroy)(GWebHistoryList *self)

void(* _GWebHistoryListIface::delete_item)(GWebHistoryList *self, GObject *item)

GObject*(* _GWebHistoryListIface::get_items)(GWebHistoryList *self)

gint(* _GWebHistoryListIface::get_items_count)(GWebHistoryList *self)

const gchar*(* _GWebHistoryListIface::get_item_title)(GWebHistoryList *self, gint pos)

const gchar*(* _GWebHistoryListIface::get_item_url)(GWebHistoryList *self, gint pos)

GTime(* _GWebHistoryListIface::get_item_time)(GWebHistoryList *self, gint pos)

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