Patches for microb-engine
Oleg Romashin
DP: Added manual enable/disable for xul and rdf
Should be possible to build with RDF or XUL+RDF
Building places module without XUL (autocomplete module)
Bug: 347854 UpdateTranslucentWindowAlphaInternal is not defined in minimal profile
Removed unused headers mozilla/browser/components...
Bug: 401079 Building accessible without XUL fails.
Adding Libreg to tiers_necko_dirs
Bug 386862 Building GTK2 Linux embedding-profile=basic failed
Bug: 393707 Landing 389634 broke building without XUL
Do not compile history if RDF and places are not defined
Patches for microb-engine
Oleg Romashin
DP: Timings for page loading on TestApplication
Also part for building TestGtkEmbed with JPROF (should be separate patch 375_jprof_linking_fix.diff)
Added functionality to enable FTV mode in TestGtkEmbed
Patches for microb-engine
Oleg Romashin
DP: Autoset of some variables
Patches for microb-engine
Oleg Romashin
Bug 93213 embedding/browser/gtk/tests built even with --disable-tests
Fast controls for testing zoom
This patch will allow to build gtkmozembed library as shared library which preloaded
in dependentlibs.list list
XXX turn this off for minimo builds
Gmail performance stuff
May be it is wrong
appears after performance crazy hacking ;)
This will allow to increase mMaxTokenProcessingTime for fast first painting and good performance
495_layout_state_listener.trunk.diff also there
Allow to get info about First frame painting
Related to hacks with progress bar
gtkmozembed 220_connection_state_optimization2.diff
Immediate painting (User perception hacks)
Hide all not used symbols from engine
Make UI Responsive while JS Script is working
Implementation of SuspendNative Event like in mac
Added timeout for changing theme
Disable handling of F6 key, in Maemo F6 - is fullscreen
Other way to fix this problem - is kill Document focusing
Changed styling for MAC
Disabled double focusing (should be focus property)
Patches for microb-engine
Oleg Romashin
Bug 359812: No reason to use XUL based button in netError.xhtml
Spellchecker: Enabling SELECT dialog
BMO 375179. Patch imported from the bug.
Allow building spellchecker as separate extension
Fit to View Extension
Will allow to handle move signal outside from mozilla/widget/gtk2
Thumb supporting stuff: Changed callback attaching method to avoid overriding signals.
contact: Anton Rogaynis ext-anton(dot)rogaynis(at)nokia.com
Fast link to about:config from about
XUL disabled about:config page, see debian/resources/branding/microb/content/config.html
allow to use Branding directory in xulrunner configuration
Patches for microb-engine
Oleg Romashin
DP: Renaming mozilla directories names and folders for MicroB project
Bug 369722 – prdtoa.c jsnum.h txDouble.h not required IEEE_ARM define on Codesourcery EABI gcc3.4.4 compiler
Component manager should not use /dev/random for generation ranodm numbers
It cause hangs on embedding platforms,which does not have enough devices for generation required entropy
Bug somewhere exists but it is very old
XPTC_InvokeByIndex crashes
Bug 339782 [ARM] XPTC_InvokeByIndex crashes when cross-compiled under GCC 3.4.x with EABI (CodeSourcery)

Patches for microb-engine

Oleg Romashin

DP: Building mozilla without XSLT/XPATH support
After discussing with Benjamin about this, he sad it is very bad Idea, and he don't
want to make available Gecko building without xslt
Patches for microb-engine
Oleg Romashin
DP: Appears at the time of removing everything from Gecko...
Added preference for disabling Restoring to previous zoom value on page
Internal requirements
Stuff to preserve zoom level for next page
Fixed window title problem with XML pretty-print.
Patch for using XMLPretty printer XSL as normal RSS reader without new component
(need help to improve it)
Add support for some rss types
works XMLPrettyPrint hacks
Send event about parsing XSL content
Hacky way to get info about RSS content for such pages like
nsIDOMNSDocument.getBoxObjectFor (standard way to use Mozilla) does not work with --disable-xul
Checking for JPEG image encoder support is required