Meet the team

MicroB is composed of a number of Nokia engineers as well as many more unmentionables. Since the unmentionables are well unmentionable, I'll start by describing what would make a normal team.

What does it take to make a product?

  1. Managers! (lots of them, the more the merrier)
  2. An Architect (one is a good number)
  3. User Interface Designers (the fewer the better)
  4. Engineers
    1. Release Engineers (one is usually sufficient)
    2. UI Engineers (a couple will do)
    3. Core Developers (a handful is best)
  5. Testers (the more the merrier)
  6. Localizers (perhaps a couple dozen, but you'll never meet them)
  7. More Testers (to complain about the same things that the other testers were testing, but claim that they're problems with the localized versions)
  8. Webmaster
  9. Add-ons (OK, these are optional, and aren't really part of the product)
  10. Platform developers (these are an external resource who if you're lucky might be around to ask for features when you don't have time to talk to them)
  11. Triagers (you can never get enough)

So who can you actually meet?

Some of our managers have introduced themselves publicly, so I suppose they're fair game:

Who's the architect?

Who is the User Interface Designer?

Who works on the User Interface?

Well, our team is actually quite small, so most of us do double or even triple duty. So I'll list someone here:

Who is a core Developer?

Who are the Testers?

Why do you have a web designer?

We were just lucky, I guess.

What Add-ons?

Who triages browser bugs?