MicroB for 770

This is not official support by any means, and perhaps you're better off using 2007 Hacker Edition instead, but we've packaged a build of MicroB for OS 2006.

What's special about it?

Not much, it's basically the same MicroB as you would get on OS 2007.

How does it work?

The same way it works in 2007, it integrates with the system /usr/bin/browser, you can still switch back to Opera (8.0 in the case of 2006, instead of 8.5 on 2007) at any time.

What's the catch?

What does it take to get Flash 9 working?

Flash 9 requires:

  1. the actual Flash plug-in
  2. a library (libplayback) that provides support for cooperatively sharing the sound device. It's sort of a bug-fix response to problems involving Flash and Media player.
  3. a symlink so that it can be found by consumers (Flash).

How do I install it?