Using of dummy-webaddon stuff: How to create microb extension package? 1) copy dummy-webaddon in /tmp for example 2) Put one or more extensions in xpi folder (Ex: 3) cd debian && or debian/ WARNING!!!!!!!!: Need to generate chrome.manifest file which contain listing of chrome content!!!! a) One way - take it from ~/.mozilla/.../extensions/ FF or SM installation... or b) Still in investigation 4) for str in `find -type f`;do debian/ $str "Dummy" "MyExtension"; done; rm -f debian/ HOWTO 5) cd .. && svn/cvs add $PACKAGENAME new package sources 6) Check if ` find . -name "*.so" ` return nothing, then put Architecture: all in debian/control 7) cd $PACKAGENAME 8) dch -i, Set proper version and description for first extension 9) dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc